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Nice Job Minneapolis Democrats! Idiots!


This morning I can't even drink coffee because I am sick to my stomach because of what the bleeding heart Liberals have done to a once great city. As I watch the news reports of the city in chaos and burning I want all the business owners and people hurt by this bullshit protest and [...]

Goodbye Fox News!


Grab your cup of coffee and let's review what has happened to Fox News? The swamp creatures in Washington are really infiltrating what was the only truthful news on television. I remember on election night 2016 Fox News version of the Dough Boy Chris Stirewalt was sitting on the set claiming his expert opinion showed [...]

Minnesota the Stupid!


Grab a cup of fresh brewed coffee and let's discuss how stupid the Democrats in Minnesota are. I'm not sure what they expected when they elected two of the biggest Swamp Creatures in Congress as the Governor and Attorney General. These two Pieces of Shit are destroying almost 50% of Minnesota Small Business for a [...]

America the Stupid!


Grab a cup of coffee and join me in looking at news of the day. I was watching CNBC yesterday and the very stupid woman who was anchoring announced that the United States is facing a meat shortage. She also mentioned that China was buying all of our whole hogs and shipping them to their [...]

Coffee May Make You Live Longer Even if You Have a Problem With Caffeine


Evidence published today adds to the mounting pile of recent research over the past five years suggesting that coffee may actually make you live longer. Of course with so many coffee drinkers across the world, such research tends to make headlines in popular media, which has been aswirl in coffee-and-health-related headlines lately for two reasons: [...]

Sweet Cinnamon and Green Tea Mar-TEA-ini


" Great for a HOT Evening!"           Ingredients: 2 cup boiling water 4 Bigelow® Sweetheart Cinnamon Herb Tea Bags 2 Bigelow® Green Tea Bags 4 ounces vodka Ice Yield: Serves 4 Instructions: Place tea bags into measuring cup and add boiling water. Let steep for 10 minutes. Remove tea bags. Refrigerate [...]

My Coffee Was Making Me Sick!


I’m not really sure how my coffee addiction even started. As a high-energy kid who used to (literally) run around in circles, I had never even considered it. It wasn’t until I was 19, when a friend handed me a small iced coffee after a late night out, that I even tasted the stuff. I [...]

Coffee cuts risk of dying from stroke and heart disease


People who drink coffee have a lower risk of dying from a host of causes, including heart disease, stroke and liver disease, research suggests – but experts say it’s unclear whether the health boost is down to the brew itself. The connection, revealed in two large studies, was found to hold regardless of whether the [...]

Good News About Coffee


New research about the possible health benefits of coffee. Coffee lovers may be raising their cups—and perhaps eyebrows—at the recent news (in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry) that the drink contains soluble fiber, the type that can help lower cholesterol. With about 1 gram per cup, coffee’s fiber impact is modest. But the report [...]

Caffeine may counter age-related inflammation


A chronic inflammatory process that occurs in some, but not all, older people may trigger cardiovascular problems, a new Stanford study shows. Part of the solution might be found in a cup of coffee. Mark Davis and his colleagues studied blood samples and a variety of data from more than 100 clinical trial participants and [...]

Wisconsin Coffee Roaster Preparing Legal Battle Over Mask Ordinance


City County building Madison
Officials in Dane County, Wisconsin, have signaled their intention to revoke a coffee roasting and retail company’s food and drink license for repeatedly flaunting a mask ordinance. It is the...

El Salvador Cup of Excellence Auction Results in Record-High Average Price


Roberto Ulloa and Lily Pacas
Proving yet again that the COVID-19 pandemic has not dissuaded some buyers from paying top dollar for top-quality coffees, the 17th El Salvador Cup of Excellence auction recently concluded with...

Essence Coffee Roasters Lives Its Dream In Sequim, Washington


Essence Coffee Roasters 1
Years in the making and now confronted with a pandemic, the Essence Coffee Roasters roastery cafe in Sequim, Washington, officially opened this week. “I’d like to tell the young coffee...

Coffee for Peace Launches Free Posters on Processing Best Practices


Micro-Processors 2.0 poster
The Colombia-focused Coffee For Peace initiative has resulted in colorful educational posters on the basics of coffee processing called Micro-Processors 2.0 (Microprocesadores). Initially intended for use by coffee producers in...

Top Coffee from Guatemala Cup of Excellence Earns $180 Per Pound at Auction


Buyers primarily from Asia, Europe and the United States shattered previous price records at the recent Guatemala Cup of Excellence auction, with an average per-pound price of $26.50 USD across...

2021 US Barista and Brewers Cup Championships Canceled


Orange County USCC
The ripple effect from this year of lost gatherings has extended to the 2021 United States Barista and Brewers Cup Championships, which have both been canceled. The Specialty Coffee Association’s...

El Colombiano Coffee Now at Home in Boston’s Monumental Market


El Colombiano Coffee 3
Three businesses have come together under one roof in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston to form the Monumental Market. Customers can browse through shelves of vinyl LPs care of...

Guatemala a punto de salir del Acuerdo Internacional del Café


Guatemala landscape
Traducción por Aída Palomo En medio de la crisis del precio del café, el gobierno de Guatemala ha iniciado oficialmente su salida del Acuerdo Internacional del Café del 2007, el cual fue...

Consent and Participation: ‘On Photography’ at Coffee’s Origin


Addis Ababa
Consent in photography is a complex topic, and one that has been explored in depth in the academic and legal worlds. It’s also a persistently relevant topic in the coffee...

In Greater Seattle, Roasterworks Unveils a Sea of Roasting Possibilities


Adding to the rapidly growing list of shared roasting businesses comes Roasterworks in Auburn, Washington. The full-service co-roasting and education business is the first of its kind in the greater...

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